Install Android Studio In Linux/Ubuntu(in 9 steps)

How To Install Android Studio In Linux/Ubuntu(in 9 steps)

 Android Studio is the official software used to develop or create android applications.In windows android studio is easy for installions.But in Linux/Ubuntu installion of android studio is difficult so the easy steps to install Android Studio,
Using Very Easy 9 Steps
Step 1 :
In first need to download android studio for Linux Click here to Download Android studio for Linux.

Step 2:
After downloading the file you need to extract by double click on the file and choose extract here option

Step 3:

After Extracting OPEN Home->android-studio->bin

In bin click -> open -> choose run as terminal.

Step 4:
Then its shows an popup jdk required Click ok to set the java home path

Step 5:
Download and extract the jdk file for linux visit the link and choose your compatible jdk versions
Download jdk for linux

Step 6:
After Downloading the jdk file copy the path of jdk bin and android studio file bin  path by

Step 7:
Then open gedit and type the following lines,
export JAVA_HOME= paste the path of jdk bin file
cd paste the path of android-studio bin file
then save the file any where with .sh extension.
Step 8:
Then right+click the .sh extension file and click properties go to permission in that tick allow executing file as program
Step 9:
Then Open -> .sh extension file -> run as terminal the android studio will opened now, Choose the java jdk file as you stored and  In update popup choose -> remind me later.
after all the zip files are downloaded then click new project to open android studio in linux/ubuntu,Finally you successfully installed android studio in Linux.
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